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Balances & Modeling

Depending upon the nature of the chemical process and the intended end use of the model, Rankin Chemical Technologies can provide rigorous heat and mass balances using two different methods:

  1. Process simulation software (e.g. Aspen Plus or ChemCAD)
  2. Custom Excel spreadsheet solutions

Third party simulation software

For complex processes involving vapor-liquid equilibrium or vapor-liquid-liquid equilibrium, modeling is typically done using third party software such as Aspen Plus or ChemCAD. I have used these software packages to model many processes and unit operations, including:

  • Multi-component distillation columns
  • Absorption columns
  • Triple effect evaporators
  • Flash drums
  • Partial condensers

If you need expert modeling of your process, then go with someone who is comfortable using these powerful simulation tools -- Give RCT a try!

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