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Custom Spreadsheet Solutions

Rankin Chemical Technologies can provide comprehensive and integrated spreadsheet solutions employing custom Visual Basic functions and macros to model your unique system or process. These spreadsheet models typically utilize physical property correlations developed from RCT's extensive chemical property database, ensuring that the heat and mass balances will be correct when temperatures and pressures are changed.

Do you want an easy-to-use electronic tool that models your process mass and energy flows and provides stream summaries for each identified process or utility? Do you want to be able to modify key variables and determine its impact upon your process?

Do you want the ability to check theoretical versus actual energy usage in your process to identify areas of poor energy utilization?

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Added Value

Spreadsheet heat and mass balance models are much more than required process documentation. They provide added value:

  • Allow the customer to modify input parameters and evaluate their impact upon process performance objectives.
  • Highlight deficiencies or bottlenecks in existing equipment.
  • Useful for what-if scenarios.

Whatever your process modeling needs are, let RCT develop your next custom spreadsheet solution!

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