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Custom spreadsheet examples

Rankin Chemical Technologies has accumulated many years of Visual Basic programming experience in Microsoft Excel and has developed custom spreadsheet solutions for several customers, such as:

  1. Dynamic simulation model of ethoxylation reaction in conventional stirred reactor for surfactant production.
  2. Heat and mass balance for PET production line including monomer formation, polymerization reactors, and offgas handling systems.
  3. Dynamic simulation model for multiple batch furnace offgas system including afterburner, waste heat boiler, quench, and scrubber.
  4. Environmental calculations and emissions summaries for large chemical production unit.
  5. Other dynamic models of unsteady state reaction/heat transfer processes.

Sample Graphs From Custom Spreadsheet Models:

Alkoxylation Reactor Temperature Response

Alkoxylation Reaction Kinetics

Batch Reactor Heating Profile

Batch Reactor Cooling Sensitivity Analysis

Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium X-Y Plot

McCabe-Thiele Distillation Plot

Batch Furnace Response

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